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In order to join the Society at your campus or online, you must submit an application below, receive a nomination from at least one faculty member, and then be approved by your Chapter Advisor. While only one faculty nomination is needed, we recommend requesting nomination from 3 faculty as it can take time for faculty to reply. Additionally, it helps to request recommendation from more than one faculty to assure they receive the nomination request in case it gets caught in a faculty member's junk folder.

In order to secure your nomination to join the Society, follow the steps below:

  • Submit your nomination request below to up to three faculty members that you believe will nominate you for membership.
  • Personalize each of the letters to make it clear this request is coming from you.
  • Log back in within a few days to check the status of your nomination.

Each faculty member will receive an email from you asking for their nomination, and offering them a chance to submit their reflections on your leadership potential. Once the Society receives a nomination for your membership, your application and nomination is forwarded to your on campus Chapter Advisor to determine if you will be selected to join the chapter this semester. If approved by your Chapter Advisor, you will receive an email notification along with a nomination code that will enable you to join.

You will receive log-in information via email that will allow you to check the status of your application. We wish you the best of luck with your candidacy!


If your school does not have a chapter, and you would like to apply for nomination to the national online chapter, select 'Online Chapter' from the list.
(Please include here a personal statement of 200 words or less regarding your desire to join the Society, and what makes you stand out as a candidate for membership.)

Strategies for Securing a Faculty Nomination

Pick someone that knows you and your goals.

A common mistake when seeking a recommendation is to send numerous requests to faculty members who are not familiar with your work or goals. A recommendation is something faculty take seriously – be sure that you ask professors that know you and can earnestly recommend you to an honor society.

Inform your professor that the request is coming.

Send a personal email or call your professor to let him/her know the request is coming, and express gratitude for the support in accomplishing your personal goals.

Send a respectful reminder if you have not received the recommendation after one week.

Professors are often busy and despite good intentions can occasionally run behind. Don't get upset or angry, but instead respectfully speak with your professor to discover if the intent is still to submit your nomination. Be sure to let your professor know why this opportunity is important to you, and how much you appreciate the assistance.

Always say "Thank You".

Whether your professor recommends you or not, remember that you are asking for a favor. Your professor is a busy person with multiple other obligations and many students asking for recommendations, and is considering using personal time to help you. Thank your professor whether you receive the recommendation or not, and today's "no" may turn into tomorrow's glowing recommendation.

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