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What is The National Society of Leadership and Success?

The National Society of Leadership and Success is a nationwide community of college leaders dedicated to building leaders who make a better world. The Society is one of the largest honor organizations in America and includes programming events that positively impacts people's lives. Each term, a chapter hosts video conferences featuring celebrities, authors and leaders.


"I learned a lot. It was more than I was expecting. Everybody that runs the program has been cool. It teaches you how to deal with all kinds of people and you create a lot of relationships and connections with your team."

- Adrienne

The On-Campus Paid Leadership Internship of a Lifetime...

The National Society of Leadership and Success offers internships to start a chapter if one does not already exist on your campus. The internship allows you to enhance your personal and professional development, while benefiting you in the following areas:

  • Distinguishing yourself as a leader on campus
  • Receiving an all expense paid trip to a training retreat
  • Networking with other student leaders nationwide
  • Developing real world experience
  • Gaining a competitive advantage in any career field
  • Positively impacting students' lives with an on campus leadership community
  • All hired interns are given a $1,500 stipend at the end of the Internship

The Society currently has 356,734 members at 418 colleges nationwide.

Albany State University
Alcorn State University
Alderson Broaddus University
Angelo State University
Arcadia University
Arkansas State University...
Asheville-Buncombe Techni...
Atlanta Metropolitan Stat...
Auburn University
Auburn University Montgomery
Averett University
Avila University


Start a Chapter as a Student

An On-Campus Paid Leadership Internship of a Lifetime ...

"A lot of people look at my resume and they are very impressed. They haven't really heard of the program but [say] this is amazing that you had so many members in such a short amount of time and you initiated these steps and planned events. People are really interested in that and it shows that you take initiative - that you are an independent worker and you have the creativity to accomplish the tasks."

- Tammy

How are Interns compensated?

All hired interns will be given a $1,500 stipend at the end of the Internship Program. You will be compensated upon your successful completion of these accomplishments:

  • Creating a Society chapter with an involving advisor
  • Recruiting and assigning your executive board
  • Building a network of Society leaders on your campus
  • Leading Success Networking Teams (peer-to-peer accountability and mentorship)
  • Scheduling speaking events for all
  • Organizing fundraisers and ensuring budget goals are met
  • Hosting social events to create a stronger community of leaders on campus
  • Participating in weekly coaching sessions with the Intern Coordinator

What are the other benefits of the Internship Program?

The Internship Program is a rewarding opportunity that provides compensation in both professional and personal ways:

  • Exclusive trip to a training retreat. The internship also includes an all expense paid training retreat. Travel expenses including meals and hotel accommodations are covered by the Society. During the retreat, you will receive rigorous training, materials and mentoring that will prepare you to make founding a chapter a reality.
  • Develop leadership competency. The Society provides chapter Presidents all the resources to encourage advancement among members, as well as a roadmap for effective leadership.
  • Applicable management aptitude. Once the chapter is established, you will become the Student President of your chapter. This is a vital role as the members you recruit will look to you, along with a Faculty/Staff Advisor you find, for guidance, encouragement and strong leadership.
  • Capability to empower others to see your vision. Your chapter will have an Executive Board that you appoint, each with specific responsibilities you delegate to achieve one shared mission- hosting a successful chapter.
  • Leave a legacy behind. Rather than just providing a one-time event, the Society distinguishes itself from other programs by integrating a year-long speaker series with training in personal goal-setting, team meetings to set peers accountable for each other, and mentorship. You will be a part of this 'positive change' even beyond graduation.
  • A career builder for your future success. The Internship Program will challenge you in many facets of management and professional advancement that is applicable in any career or industry field. What a great way to competitively distinguish yourself in your future job search!

Start a Chapter as a Student

What are the major responsibilities of an Intern?

The Society will require all interns to build competencies in these areas, while leveraging those competencies to ensure a successful chapter start-up.

  • Management: Interns form and direct a 12-person Executive Board.
  • Budgeting: Develop and implement a budget for speakers, community service and social events.
  • Fundraising: Get your community involved in supporting the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Communication: Implement cutting edge technology during the interactive broadcast events.
  • Public Speaking: Represent the Society on your campus.
  • Marketing: Create local marketing campaigns to enhance your chapter's image and involvement.
  • Public Relations: Develop relationships with administrators and groups on your campus.

"On a campus level, it's a good way to empower and benefit your campus. It helps build leaders. This is a uniform organization where they can all get together and make the campus a better place."

- Justin

What are the specific tasks?

As an intern, you will be inducted to the Society after completion of 4 key activities:

  • Participation in Orientation
  • Attendance at a Leadership Training Day
  • Attendance at 3 speaker events
  • Active participation in 3 Success Networking Team Meetings

You will also:

  • Appoint an advisor
  • Recruit an Executive Board of your peers
  • Attend an all expenses paid training retreat
  • Register as a Student Organization
  • Help the National office send invitations to students at your school
  • Schedule speaker events
  • Lead Success Networking Teams (a peer-to-peer accountability group)
  • Organize fundraisers
  • Host social events to create a stronger community of leaders
  • Participate in weekly coach sessions

How many hours do I need to commit weekly?

The Internship Program is flexible and can be planned around your class schedule.
It requires no more than approximately 7-10 hours per week.

Start a Chapter as a Student

Do you have what it takes to be a leader in the growing movement for positive change? These students did!

Former Interns
Lauren Weicks  
School: Louisiana State University
City: Baton Rouge, LA
Year Chapter Founded: 2009
Number of Members: 3436
Christy Khoshaba  
School: California State University - Monterey Bay
City: Seaside, CA
Year Chapter Founded: 2010
Number of Members: 678
Neha Bhargava  
School: University of California - Irvine
City: Irvine, CA
Year Chapter Founded: 2009
Number of Members: 4140
Tyson Jackson  
School: Tougaloo College
City: Tougaloo, MS
Year Chapter Founded: 2010
Number of Members: 273
Derek Morf  
School: Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Main Campus
City: Indiana, PA
Year Chapter Founded: 2010
Number of Members: 800
Reese Lasley  
School: Colorado State University - Fort Collins
City: Fort Collins, CO
Year Chapter Founded: 2010
Number of Members: 517
Abby McCullers  
School: Bradley University
City: Peoria, IL
Year Chapter Founded: 2008
Number of Members: 1125
Anthony Natale  
School: Millersville University
City: Millersville, PA
Year Chapter Founded: 2001
Number of Members: 670
Interns at The National Society of Leadership and Success Training
Mitch Resk  
School: SUNY at Purchase College
City: NY
Christina Cormier  
School: Springfield College
City: MA
Paiman Vahdatinia  
School: San Jose State University
City: CA
Amy Reinhold  
School: Central Michigan University
City: MI

Fill out the form at the side of this page and an Intern Specialist from our National Office will contact you.

Start a Chapter as a Student

What are the qualities the Society is seeking in an Intern?

All candidates will go through a hiring process that includes an application along with a personal invitation for a phone interview by a Society recruiter. The pre-requisites include:

  • Incoming undergraduate college sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students. (Freshman in their spring semester are welcome to apply)
  • Minimum of 2.5 overall GPA
  • Demonstrated leadership experience or abilities
  • Your campus does not currently host a National Society chapter (Click here to check.)

"I feel that a student who is passionate about leadership, passionate about helping other people, this [internship] is something they should get involved in - not only for personal growth and development, but also professionally. You will grow so much more than you ever thought imaginable. It will also help you dive into the real world and be able to deal with situations that would only happen if you were in the work force"

- Brynne

I've passed all 4 requirements above -Now what?

If you're ready for an exciting career opportunity as a National Society Intern, apply for the program today by filling out an application on the right. The application only takes 10 minutes to apply, and a Society Recruiter will reach out to you not soon after for further correspondence.

Start a Chapter as a Student


  1. I don't understand what the Internship Program is about.
    The Internship Program is a career opportunity where the National Society of Leadership and Success hires you to begin a chapter of the Society, or Sigma Alpha Pi, on your campus. As a starter of your own Society chapter, you will be in charge of recruiting a faculty advisor, appointing your executive board, and handling the management and budget for the chapter. Once the chapter is established, you will be serving as the President, so you will be leading the events with your board and advisor. For a more detailed overview of exactly what you would be responsible for, please click here for the compensation overview.
  2. What is the Society?
    The Society is a college leadership program that is currently on over 200 chapters. The Society's mission is to build leaders who change the world, and we do this through a few different methods. One, we have motivational speakers who we broadcast 3 times per semester to each of our chapters live over the internet. Our speakers cover a variety of topics, from academic success, to achieving your dreams, to financial success in the future. Secondly, each chapter puts on a Leadership Training Day, which is a video presentation with group and partner exercises that helps students discover their goals and passions in life. Finally, each member participates in Success Networking Teams, which are similar to mastermind groups. These are groups of 8-10 students that meet every other week to go over their goals, network, give advice, and hold each other accountable. For more information on the society, please check out the website at
  3. My school isn't listed on the website. What can I do to start one on my campus?
    To bring a chapter to your school, you are eligible to participate in the exclusive Internship Program. To apply, simply fill out the quick form on the right side of this page - and you will be automatically directed to the application.
  4. How soon after I submit my resume will I hear from someone?
    After you submit your resume and application, our internship recruiters will review your materials. If you are selected for a phone interview, you will be contacted within 1-2 weeks of submitting your application.
  5. How many students will be hired per campus?
    Only one student will be hired on each campus.
  6. When do I have to submit my application by?
    We do not have a hard deadline to submit applications, but we do hire on a rolling basis. This means that once we find a great candidate, we will extend an offer. Please make every attempt to fill out your application as soon as possible if you are truly interested.
  7. Can I submit my application without references?
    You may submit your application without references, but if you are selected for a phone interview, you will need to have references by the time of the interview.
  8. I plan on studying abroad for a semester. Can I do this internship abroad?
    Because this is an on campus internship, you cannot do this internship abroad.
  9. What if I cannot make it to the retreat? Can I still do the internship?
    Our intern training retreat is a mandatory part of the internship, and is part of the compensation of the internship. This training retreat will allow you to be a successful President and a leader in every phase of your chapter management. If you absolutely cannot make the retreat but are still interested in the internship, please let your Intern Recruiter know. Priority will be given to those applicants who can make the retreat.
  10. Does the school know about this? Will you be notifying them if I am hired?
    We do not work with the schools to hire interns so we will not be notifying them if an intern is hired at the school. One of your responsibilities as an intern will be to register the group as an official on campus organization.
  11. This sounds very similar to other honor societies on campus. What makes this different?
    While there might be similarities between Sigma Alpha Pi and other honor organizations and leadership programs on your campus, there are also differences. Sigma Alpha Pi is inclusive, meaning any student can join regardless of GPA. Students with certain GPAs will receive invitations in the mail, but students who do not receive this invitation will still be able to apply by using our nomination form. This form requires the student to obtain two faculty signatures who can attest that the student would benefit from this program. Additionally, with our Leadership Training Day and Success Networking Teams, there are many things that make the Society unique. Although there may be similarities, this is not meant to serve as competition to any other club or program on campus, and many of our chapters collaborate with other leadership programs and groups on different projects and events.
  12. How long should the answers on the application be?
    There is no required length to the answers on the applications but please be thorough in your answering of these questions.
  13. Where does this internship take place?
    This is an on campus internship. The only time you would not be on campus is when you attend our internship training retreat.
  14. What would my hours be?
    This internship is very flexible and can be very accommodating based on your schedule. Whether it be your classes, other activities, work, etc. - you can work the Internship Program around your schedule. Most interns spend 7-10 hours a week doing the internship.
  15. DoI have to pay anything to do this internship?
    No! This is a paid internship, so we are paying you! We also pay for your retreat expenses, which include your flight, hotel, and meals during the retreat. The only thing you would be responsible for is your transportation from your home to the airport, and any additional meals or souvenirs you purchase while at the retreat.