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Dressed in white shirts that read, “What a Difference a Day Can Make,” a group of 10 students from the St. John’s University Society chapter hopped onto a bus last Fall, not sure of what to expect, but excited to make a difference. The group traveled to Forestdale Inc., a center that supports families by offering school programs, parenting classes, and medical services.  And what started as a one-day volunteering activity ended up turning into a lasting partnership.

Healthcare, business and financial services, and education are among the most popular career choices for 2015 college graduates according to a new survey from The National Society of Leadership and Success. The survey results, which also highlight student sentiment regarding the current job market and career and life plans following graduation, are included in an infographic below or available for download at

1. Unless you are one of the wise few who already gets all the rest you need, you have an opportunity to immediately improve your health, creativity, productivity and sense of well-being. Start by getting just thirty minutes more sleep than you are getting now. The easiest way is to go to bed earlier, but you could also take a short nap during the day – or a combination of both.

March 17th may best be known as St. Patrick’s Day, but this year the number one topic—at least on Twitter—was The National Society of Leadership and Success and Broadcast Speaker Arianna Huffington. Huffington’s talk, broadcast live from New Jersey City University, focused on the importance of disconnecting from technology and preventing burnout. It was the third and final speaker broadcast of the Spring semester.


Maria Sanjuanelo joined the Society in April 2008 as a member of the chapter at University of Hartford in Hartford, Conn. From 2010 through 2011 she served as Chapter President, and then joined our National Office team in January 2012, where she has held several positions in various departments. Maria’s current role is the Internship Recruitment Manager /HR Associate.

We’re proud to introduce you to another Society Leader, Morgan Williams.

Morgan is the President of the Society Chapter at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. Recently, she was selected to join a panel discussion on The State of African American Students in Higher Education at the 39th annual conference of The National Council for Black Studies.  

On March 29th, the newly established Society Chapter at SUNY - Cortland held their first member orientation. With an extraordinary response to their inaugural invitation, the chapter hosted the event with over 500 students in attendance.

On February 27th, 2015, California State University (CSU) - Monterey Bay’s Society Chapter had the honor of hosting renowned speaker, author and Millennial expert Jamie Borromeo. The author of Young, Educated & Broke: An Introduction to America’s New Poor, Jamie delivered an inspiring three-hour event that dove into the topics of student life, leadership, and business.

At the very core, what makes up success? Well, it’s the set of habits that define the actions, approaches, and life philosophies of successful people. Compare a few successful people, and you will be able to identify common habits to a great extent, and the opposite is also true!


Spotlight on Society Staffer: Mike Phelps

Spotlight on Society Staff

Spotlight on Society Staffer Mike Phelps, the Society’s Logistics Manager.