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Pre-Induction Membership Benefits

Scholarships & Awards: Access to over $100,000 available exclusively to Society members each year.
Nationwide Network: Grow your network by joining a group of motivated, success-oriented leaders who you may rely on for help locally or nationally.
Job Interview Skills: Improve your chances of landing your ideal position through our online interview series with career experts.
Speaker Events: Choose to attend seminars on campus broadcast by celebrity speakers, best-selling authors, and leaders on various topics for personal and professional success. 
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Personal Success Coaching: Interact with a professional success coach to help you reach even higher results.
Success Networking Team: Set goals, network, share challenges and receive advice, and commit to take actions toward your dreams.
Social Events: Meet likeminded people and make friends at social events, fundraising events, service projects and other Society gatherings.
Leadership Collection: Improve your chances of landing your ideal position through our online interview series with career experts.
Motivational Mondays: Kick off each week with an inspiring recording delivered right to your inbox.
Monthly Newsletter: Receive a monthly electronic newsletter with leadership and success content and prizes.
Broadcast Archive: Access online presentations from more than 50 nationally renowned Society speakers.
Leadership Opportunities: Avail yourself of opportunities for local, regional, or national leadership positions.
Society Career Website: Discover your dream career, gain tools for attaining it, and acquire real life skills that will help you transition from college to career.
Presidential Members (3.3+ GPA): Receive a personalized letter of accomplishment from the National President and a Presidential Seal on your certificate.
Lifetime Benefits: Receive a lifetime membership and enter our alumni network upon graduating where you can continue to receive all benefits of membership above.

Post-Induction Membership Benefits

Leadership Certification: Earn a certificate demonstrating your leadership training.
Resume Enhancement: Differentiate yourself with employers and admissions counselors by adding Society membership to your resume.
Online Job Bank: Access employers seeking to hire Society members.
Letter of Recommendation: Receive a personalized letter of recommendation that you can send to employers and admissions offices.
Exclusive Additional Scholarships & Awards for Inducted Members.
Graduation Honors: Wear your honor cords and stole for graduation (available for purchase by inducted members only).
Inducted Member Items: Receive your leadership certificate, Society t-shirt, car decal, and Society insignia pin